Note: Installation of Snap 11 requires a computer with a Microsoft Windows operating system. MacOS and Linux users can instead access the full version of Snap 11 via the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

Installing Snap 11 on University machines

Snap 11 is installed on classroom PCs at the University of Aberdeen as well as the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Staff and postgraduate students using University managed PCs and laptops can also want to install Snap 11 via the Software Center.

  1. Click the Windows start button.


  1. Locate Microsoft System Center in your list of apps, then click Software Center.


  1. On the Available Software tab, tick Snap 11 Professional Build.


  1. At the bottom of the Sofware Center window, find the click here text to the right of Help document.


  1. The Snap 11 Professional Installation Guide will open.
    You can minimize this for now, but you will need the installation code later.


  1. In the Software Center, click Install Selected.


  1. When the InstallShield Wizard opens, click Next.


  1. When prompted for Customer Information, enter your University username and University of Aberdeen as the company.


  1. For the Installation Code, refer to the Snap 11 Professional Installation Guide that opened at step 5. Do not use the “copy” and “paste” shortcuts, the code requires manual input using the keyboard.


  1. Ensure Anyone who uses this computer (all users) is selected, then click Next.


  1. Read and accept the license agreement, then click Next.


  1. Progress through the remainder of the installation wizard, clicking Next. More detailed information is available in the Snap 11 Professional Installation Guide that opened at step 5.


  1. When installation is complete, click Finish.

Installing Snap on personal devices

Aberdeen university staff and post-graduate research students can download a full version of Snap 11 directly to their own machines. Undergraduate and post-graduate (taught) students, can download a limited student version of Snap which permits design of surveys with up to 35 variables and 100 responses.


  1. Open the software download service page in a web browser and login if prompted:


  1. Select Snap from the list of available software.


  1. Download the Snap 11 Professional Installation Guide which will guide you through installation of Snap software.


  1. Select Snap11setup


  1. After reading through the terms and conditions click on agree to download the Snap software installer.


  1. Proceed with the installation following the steps outlined in the Snap 11 Professional Installation document downloaded in step 3.