Note: In order to upload surveys to the snap webhost you will first need to request the creation of a webhost account. To request an account, please contact

Publishing a survey

  1. Open the survey you wish to publish.
    To do this, click File, Survey Overview, and double-click the survey name. Then click OK.

  1. Click File, then Publish.

  1. In the Output section, click the Path ellipsis to specify where you would like to save the survey.

  1. You can now click Publish to create the survey at the location you specified in step 3.

  1. To share the survey online, you must now upload the published survey file (.zip) to SnapWebhost at the University of Aberdeen.

Uploading a published survey to Snap WebHost

  1. Log in to the University of Aberdeen’s Snap WebHost at:

  1. Click Upload a new survey.

  1. Click Choose File and browse to find the .zip file containing the survey that you published via Snap, then click Upload archive.

  1. Once uploaded, click Close. Then click the survey name to access full details.

  1. On the Setup tab ensure that the Secure Survey box is ticked and then click save.

  1. Under the summary tab you can now access an online test version of the summary by clicking the link next to the test URL. This link can be shared with your colleagues/supervisor to allow them to preview the survey. Please note that this version is for testing only and will not save participant's responses to the webhost.

  1. When you are ready to begin collecting responses, click on Start Questionnaire now.

  1. The survey is now available for participants to complete at the highlighted URL.

  1. You can share this (static) link to your survey easily on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn using the quicklinks or simply direct your users to the URL. Note that other (dynamic) publication options, not covered in this guide, are also available including requiring participants to log in using a specified username and password.