Revolabs HD Wearable Microphones turn on and mute automatically when removed from Charger Base, to reduce noise while being attached. 

To use the HD Wearable Microphone: 

1. Remove the microphone from the Charger Base. 

2. Attach the microphone to clothing or to a lanyard, position microphone just above the sternum or breastbone, within 6 - 12 inches (15 – 30cm) from the mouth is recommended. Make sure microphone is attached securely with the microphone LED indicator pointed up toward mouth. 

3. With the microphone in the wearing position, un-mute the microphone by pressing and releasing the Mute button (confirm by a flashing GREEN LED). If the volume is too low, move the microphone closer to the mouth. 

4. To turn microphones off, return the microphone unit to the Charger Base or press and hold the Mute button for ~10 seconds until the LED turns solid RED then release button. 

If the microphones are moved out of range of the Base Station (~150 feet or 50 meters) the connection will be dropped (LED flashes all red, green, yellow) and the microphone will mute.